6 Reasons Why You Must Read Books

October 14, 2020, 18:44
Author: Haim Shim

Many people don't realize the power that books can have on them. No matter what is your profession or interest, you'll find a book about it. Here are at least 6 reasons why you must start reading books. Enjoy.

1. It will improve your writing skills.

Reading has so many benefits. One of them is to improve your vocabulary. When your vocabulary is wider, you don't need to have any dictionary near you each time you write something. Especially if you are like me, and English is not your native language, it will boost your vocabulary like crazy. I have recommended some people to start reading in English, and after months they came back to me and thanked me, for it helps them a lot (even non singer-songwriters).

2. It will give you inspiration and motivation in a healthy way.

While getting your motivation and inspiration from social media is a good option, getting inspiration and motivation from books is healthier. You'll gain all of the benefits that come from reading, AND you will be inspired from the stories that the book author has to tell you. When I am inspired these days, I find myself putting the book down and I'm going to execute! You don't have to finish a book in order to get motivated, on the contrary, some of the best books I've read have guided me to put down the book, and just go and do whatever it is I have to do. (mainly self help books).

3. It will save you some valuable time and give you experience.

Normally, when somebody decides to write a book, they put a lot of their experience in it. It doesn't matter what your field is, you can find a book that is related to your field, and learn from the most successful people in the world about their methods, tips, strategies and failures, and from all of that you can become much more knowledgeable and you can skip on some of their mistakes. It's just like being the youngest sibling - you learn from all of your older siblings mistakes, but here you get to have as many siblings as you want, and the lessons some of them will teach you will fascinate you.

4. It will improve your knowledge

Do you want to have unlimited interesting things to talk about? Read books! Find a book in a category you are interested it, read it, and you'll always have something to talk about. After every chapter you can take the best paragraph that you enjoyed the most, and go and share it with your co-workers, friends, family or anyone you want. Most people would love talking with you about new ideas, and new information they haven't heard about.

5. It will boost your confidence

In a world of perfectionism everywhere, it's hard sometimes to gain confidence on a daily basis. People try to bring each other down and whenever you start a new project you have been wanting to do, many people will put you down. But when you'll read books you'll see that all of the people had struggles, and it wasn't easy for nobody. This will give you confidence because then you will know that you are totally normal, it's just the way the world works. I really think that this is one of the most important things about books. I always tell the people I love that they should read books, so now I care about my readers and I'm telling you that you should read as well.

6. You'll make a new friend each time

If you feel lonely and you feel nobody gets you, Or even if you have the highest number of friends in the whole world, whenever you read a book you make a new friend. A best friend. The best example I can give you is this - Pick a book by one of your favorite artists,musicians,sports-person etc, and immediately on the first page, you'll become a best friend with that person, hear many of their secrets, know how they felt at different points in their lives and much more. I'm honored to say that I have got to know some of my favorite artists through books, something I probably wouldn't get to have if the books were not there.


If you came this far it means you are pretty serious about reading, I urge you to start! It will change your life!

I hope this reading helped you decided to go and start reading something. Thanks for reading. If you need any books recommendations or if you have something to tell me, contact me on my Instagram: Haim Shim - Instagram.

I think that reading helped me a lot in releasing my songs and I am sure it will help you to start doing that thing that you are meant to do.

Cheers, Haim Shim.

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October 24, 2020

good post. so many ppl dont read books nowadays! if u feel like it u could check out my blog. www.freymorgan.blogspot.com

Haim Shim
October 24, 2020

Thanks for coming by Frey! I'm glad you think the post is good. And sure, I'm on your blog now, trying to find something to read. And I also edited your link to be clickable so people can access it more easily.


Miri S
October 24, 2020

I think I'll start to read again. You wrote so simpale and clear...you'r great!!!