11 Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram

October 19, 2020, 16:14
Author: Haim Shim

If you are wondering how to get more followers on Instagram, I wrote this article especially for you. I think you will find it extremely valuable, and after that, the only reason you will not get followers will be because you don't try hard enough and not because you don't have the knowledge. Here we go, ready? Ho!

If you take yourself seriously, I recommend you to read the content of each section, and not just the Titles. I teach a lot here and I give you a lot of my knowledge in each section, so use it wisely and I promise you that you will get more followers on your Instagram.

1. Post more often.

Would you follow someone with 1 post or someone with 100-500+ posts? When you have no posts, nobody will follow you. It's basic but this will be our starting point. I would recommend you to post at least once every day or two.

2. Be unique and inspire!

Don't copy from others. If you copy, you might get some followers, but if you'll be creative, you'll get even more followers because you pioneer. People like new things, new styles, don't be afraid to try different things and see what sticks. Also make sure you inspire in your posts. Inspire someone at the right moment with the right words or image - and there is a big chance that they will follow you. It's all about having fun and offering value.

3. Use hashtags.

I see many people that don't use hashtags. It's a big mistake. You might think that hashtags annoy your followers or make your posts to look weird, but the truth is that hashtags can increase your reach by 20%-60% depends on the post content. So don't be afraid to use hashtags, do a research about which hashtags are working well for your content and start using them. I'd recommend to use between 3-20 hashtags each time. (some say that 30 is the limit, but nobody actually knows so it's better to be safe than sorry).

4. Connect with people that might like your content.

Let's say for example that your profile is a musicians profile, and you post yourself playing the guitar every day. Who would like this content? Try to find these people on Instagram and connect with them: comment on their posts, like their posts and be genuine. If they read your comment they might check your profile, and if your profile is interesting and inspiring for them, they might follow you for more!

5. Post shareable content.

When creating content, every once in a while think about posts that might be shared. If your post is shared, your reach will grow as the number of shares grow, and again, as long as your profile is interesting and inspiring - you'll get more followers.

6. Write a simple and clear bio.

Be simple and clear on your bio. Give people all the information they need to have in order to follow you. This is your chance to show people how awesome you are in 1-3 sentences so make sure it's impressive and clear.

7. There is no alternative for a base of followers.

If you want to grow, and it doesn't matter if you have 1 follower or 30 followers, one of the first things you need is a constant followers base. These followers will comment and like your posts, and will participate in your stories, lives etc. Without getting at least 2-5 followers like these, you will not get far. If you don't have this yet, don't be discouraged, it all starts with just one comment. For this reason, it is extremely important to reply on any comment that somebody posts on your profile. You can do this!

8. Share other people's posts on your stories.

Your stories are there only for 24 hours. You can use them to post anything, especially things that you don't want to keep on your profile. If you share other users posts, you will get noticed by them, and same thing - if your profile is attractive and inspiring for them - they might follow.

9. Switch to Professional or Creator account.

This is another basic thing that I see not many people are doing, and it's a shame! If you want to get more followers and get serious about your Instagram account, then you'll need a way to measure your posts reach, impressions, number of likes etc. When you switch to Business or Creator account, you'll have access to those statistics and more, and that way you can see which of your posts are better and which need improvement. This doesn't mean that you should not post what you like, but you should at least have some idea of what people enjoy more in your profile.

10. Share your Instagram account link on your other social media accounts.

You can use your other social media accounts to get people to your Instagram. What's important here is that you'll make it worthwhile for them to enter your account. It should be inspiring and it should have many posts on it. If you are just starting, then you should tell people something like: "Hi guys, I have started to take my Instagram account seriously, and I want you to help me to grow it, it would help me tremendously if you can follow me there...".

11. Double Bonus.

Two more ways. They are a bit more complex but they might be the right thing for you. First - advertise your posts with Instagram Ads. Put some money and get more reach. If your profile is inspiring and if you define the right properties for the advertisement, you might get good results and gain a lot more followers. Second - Do an Instagram Live with another user. For example, I have a "Music Show" on Instagram, where I host different musicians and talk with them about music. This is a good potential for followers from the people who I interview, and it's also interesting and inspiring content that I have to share with my followers. Two birds with one arrow.


These are the most important things you need to do to get more Instagram followers. I tried to make it very easy to understand, and very simple and valuable for you, so you can start doing it right now. No more excuses. Don't wait, go ahead and pick at least 2 of these tips, and get going.

One Last Thing. If you are serious about your Instagram growth and your growth in general, I invite you to my Instagram. There I not only teach these kind of things, but I also tell my followers how to get the maximum out of their account, even with 100 followers you can have a lot of impact. So here is my Instagram Account.

If you need any help or if you have a question, send me a message on my social media. Here is my Instagram, contact me there or follow me for more inspiration and tips.

Have a nice day, Haim Shim.

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