Facebook Alternatives

October 29, 2020, 03:06
Author: Haim Shim

Are you tired of old social media platforms?
Are you looking for a new place to promote your projects?
Are you looking for platforms which allow more freedom of speech?
Are you bored of surfing the same social media platform everyday?
Sounds familiar, then this article is for you.

As an entrepreneur or as an artist, I recommend you to join as many social media platforms as possible. Connecting with more people would help you get more exposure to your projects. Whatever your project might be.

Recently I've opened an account on more than 5 different social media platforms, in order to connect with more people and to share with them my music. After spending some time on each platform, I wanna share with your the knowledge I have gained on each one of them and I wanna explain to you how each one of them can benefit you. So here are the main features and benefits of each platform.


Parler is a social platform based on freedom of speech. Many other platforms claim that as well, but Parler was the first one I've got to know that let's you talk freely. I joined it a while ago and I already have about 30 followers, so if you want a place where you can quickly gain followers, parler is the place to grow!
My profile on Parler


Gab is another free speech platform. It looks and feels a bit like Facebook. So if you don't know where to start I'd recommend you to start here because It'll take you less time to adjust. The platform is very user friendly and you'll find your way there quickly.
Haim Shim on Gab


Minds is yet another free speech platform. It is a great platform if you like communities and groups. It is also very user friendly like gab.
My Profile on Minds


You can't unlove MeWe. It's a beautiful social media platform that in my opinion excels in groups and group chats. Many different groups with lots of active members. I would recommend you to join this platform if you want to have more exposure to your project or if you're just bored from old social media platforms and are looking for some new exciting social media.
Haim Shim on MeWe


Ello is a different social media platform than all the rest, and just because it's different, I loved it. It puts an emphasize on artists. It's design is pretty and friendly, and the system is easy to use and to configure. Just tell the system what is the category in which your posts should be categorized under and let the system do it's magic by bringing the right people to your posts without you even moving a finger. even no hashtags are required. So if you are looking for something refreshing and easy choose Ello. Even though I think that there are less active users over there, you'll never know when it will become the next big thing, so I'd say - join me there as well.
My profile on Ello


So... these were the best Alternatives I found for the mainstream social media platforms of our current days. There are more, but I wrote about the most Active and Best Quality Platforms in my opinion. If you are looking to make new connections on any of these platforms, feel free to reach out to me on each of these platforms. I've added the links to my profile on each platform above so feel free to connect with me there!

If you have any other platform that you like or that is worth mentioning, feel free to share it with us in the comment section here. Let me know what you think about the article, and I hope to see you soon in one of these platforms, sharing your projects with me over there.

I enjoyed writing this article. Have a great day, Sincerely Yours,
Haim Shim.

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Miri S
November 8, 2020

Very usfull information. Thanks😇

January 22, 2022

January 22, 2022

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January 22, 2022

January 22, 2022