New Website Launch!

February 18, 2020, 01:18
Author: Haim Shim

Hello dear surfers! Who would believe you are being "old-fashioned" and visit websites & blogs, good for you! Thanks for visiting my website.

So, for a few weeks now I've been working on this website idea that I had in mind for years! It's still far from being where I want it to be but I started with something, so now things should have an extra boost of motivation to them.

The website has two main features / pages: First - the blog page, Second - the songs page. You can find all of my songs released so far on the main page, and when you click on each song, you'll get into a page where you can hear the song, read it's lyrics and visit in in your favorite music platform, including: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music & Itunes and I plan on adding a few in the future.

I'm gonna try to write as many blog posts as I can, it should be updated daily so you are invited to check it out and see if I do the work ;) .

This is some kind of closure for me, since my last job in my "previous life" was to build websites. So now I use this skill to help me to make my plans - reality.

You are invited to join me on instagram for constant updates and stories. Be part of my artists motivation community and share your ideas with me. Who knows, we might collaborate on something soon!

With lots of love and appreciation, Thanks for checking out my stuff,

Yours, Haim.

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