Everybody has an opinion, don't let it distract you!

February 22, 2020, 02:38
Author: Haim Shim

While I'm on my way to become something great, while trying my best, many people has a lot of opinions on the way. They think they know better, and it's funny to see how their mind thinks on something that you are evolving around 24/7.

Here are some of the things people tell me, and my respond! I think it's about time I'll respond to some because usually my typical answer is "Oh yeah I should" or "Oh sure, thank you so much I haven't thought about it! I'll let you know if I do it!".

So here it is:

  • "You should get a part time job" - No I don't! Maybe you can give me some money because I haven't ate anything for a month! please! I'm starving!
  • "You should make a video clip" - I know, you smartass. But I can't do everything all at once! It's hard enough to learn how to produce, now you want me to lose it totally? I need to take it one step at a time. The time will come and I'll have the best video clips, but now lets focus on what I can do.
  • "Why aren't you famous yet"? or "But you should go to a tv show" - Well... That's what I choose to do! why don't you go? I bet you'll melt by seeing the judges.
  • "Why in English?" - Because I don't want you to understand what I'm talking about.
  • "You should go to a real studio" - Okay - pay me for the producer and studio time to record my solo 143 times and to play my bass on time, and I'll go to a real studio, lol.
  • "Since when did you become a singer?" - Since yesterday. I just woke up and I could suddenly sing! What a wonder huh?
  • "A good manager will take you far" - I'm afraid of the distance, I don't want to go far. So I'm not getting a manager. I wanna stay close.
  • "There are certain ways to write hits, did you know?" - Actually that's a nice question shows some knowledge so I won't dis it ;) , I'll just say - Yes I know, I'm working on it.
  • "You need to write popular music" - Thanks for the advice, but I'm not telling you where to work...

The conclusion and a tip I'll give myself and you guys is - Don't listen to the distractions. After you'll have a private success that you share with people (such as releasing a new song which might be a big thing for you) you'll get a lot of opinions, "advice" and other things, don't let it move you from your target, keep focusing on doing what you do and leave their opinions to them.

So hope you liked it, I felt like this could make a great blog post idea, let me know what you think on my Instagram/Facebook or on any platform you choose!

Yours, Haim Shim!

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